Post A Day – Off the Hook Fried Fish Sandwich

         Off the Hook Fried Fish Sandwich


My son and his catch… a Florida Bass. Too small to keep, this lucky fish was thrown back into the lake!

I’m thinking about fish this morning. One of my favorite meals is a good home cooked fried fish sandwich. Each time I do a fish sandwich dinner I choose another 4 or 5 star recipe that I find on the web. Last night’s sandwich was divine! The link is above my son’s photo for the complete recipe.

At my local store tilapia, flounder and cod are usually on sale once or twice a month. A bag of four flash frozen fillets is $7.99 however it is marked Buy One Get One Free so that works out to $1 per fillet! YUM! I modified the recipe to what I had on hand…in replace of panko bread crumbs I used crushed saltines and in replace of Indian Spicy relish, I used Giardiniera; a jarred vegetable mixture that has pepperoncini  carrot, cauliflower, red pepper and onion in this spicy, vinegar infused liquid. I served the sandwich laden with a Remoulade Sauce to die for! In a way I wish I would have taken a picture to show you all it’s beauty…I LOVE beautiful food just as much as I love a good beer or wine that goes with it! 🙂 Instead of french fries or potato wedges soaked in vinegar ( my newest fave; see below for recipe), I opted for a time saver; a bag of tater tots. I love tater tots… crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

So, in a round about way here is my morning dilemma of sorts: I have this plate of left over fish because I decided to fry up both bags of Tilapia. I wondered if there was a breakfast recipe where fried fish was involved? I mean really, there just HAS TO BE! YES!!! I found one and with a childhood story to read attached. Awesome find! Here are the recipes below. Enjoy a day of fish and potatoes… or potatoes and fish!

Vinegar Roasted Potato Wedges

As many potatoes as per friends and family served… if they are small then have two potatoes per person

Cut a potato into wedges, place in a pot of 1/2 vinegar and water and boil for 15 minutes. Remove potato wedges and allow to dry off slightly while you preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Oil a cast iron skillet or oven proof pan and coat wedges, sprinkle with salt, pepper and a few more dashes of vinegar. I use white vinegar for the boil and malt vinegar for the roasting. Roast for 20 minutes turning each wedge over at the 10 minute mark. Serve topped with course sea salt and fresh rosemary chopped into enjoyable bits. Have malt vinegar on table for extra sprinkling…

Fried Fish for Breakfast

You might have recently read my post on the canadian bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich as possibly being one of my favorite meals at breakfast. The one that trumps that breakfast is fried fish and eggs.  While growing up in Indiana, and even moving to Wisconsin, we spent a lot of time at my grandparents home in Monticello, Indiana. This is where it all began.

Fried Fish for Breakfast

Monticello was a nice little town, and as kids, it was a perfect place to be. My grandparents lived in a small community located on one of waterways that led into Lake Freeman. It was just the best place to visit. One of our routines was to wake up at the crack of dawn, grab our fishing poles, and go fishing for at least two to three hours. My grandparents had their own pier, and just short of the end of the pier was a large stump in the water. This was a hot spot that simply attracted large pan fish such as bluegill, sunfish, and crappie. In my opinion, the best eating fish out there. As we would catch them, and lots of them, either my dad or grandpa would come down to check on us, and the catch, and begin cleaning them. Once cleaned, we would take them back to the house and have them for breakfast.

There is something to be said about this breakfast. It is light, but hearty, and just has the best texture, and is one that I could eat every weekend. It brings back great childhood memories, and is one I just shared with my kids this past weekend.


  • Panfish filets
  • 1/4 cup of flour
  • 1 tsp of salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1 cup of canola oil for frying

Add the salt and pepper to the ziploc bag, and add in the flour. Seal and shake. Next take a few fish fillets and add them to the bag, lightly, and I mean lightly coating. We are not looking for a thick coating on the fish, but something extremely light. You could use light cornmeal if you wanted to as well.

Heat your oil in your fry pan on medium heat, and when it comes to temperature, drop in your fish. Fry only for a couple of minutes on each side, as they will not take long to cook due to the size of the fillets. Remove and let excess oil drain on some paper towel. Sprinkle a bit of salt on each fillet. Repeat.

Cook your eggs to your liking, and plate with the fish fillets, some fresh fruit, and some toasted bread.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a new friend, Bill “the fisherman”, who was so kind to bring two very large bags of fish fillets to the house. The breakfast and memories could not have been possible without that delivery of fish.

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