Weekly Photo Challenge : Wrong

Image It is raining at the beach in Florida and I do believe this is wrong, as it should always be a sunny day at the beach.


Not correct or true.
In an unsuitable or undesirable manner or direction: “what am I doing wrong?”.
An unjust, dishonest, or immoral action.
Act unjustly or dishonestly toward (someone): “the people I have wronged”.
adjective.  incorrect – erroneous – mistaken – false – improper – bad
adverb.  amiss – wrongly – mistakenly – incorrectly – badly
noun.  injustice – harm – fault – evil – error – iniquity
verb.  injure – harm


Although I am a good cook, it was wrong of me to leave the kitchen to look up recipes while the noodles happily stuck to the bottom of the pot.


This is wrong. I have lived in this area for over a year now, walking my pampered pooch by this chained dog. It took me a YEAR to walk up to this dog, who (if you can’t tell because this is a blurry photo) is a beautiful white German Shepard, to unleash her from her shackles. She is chained to the tree on the left, her shelter is the house behind the tree, I never see food out for her and water is seldom seen in a child’s sand bucket by the dog house. One night, right before dusk, I took a friend around to see her. We found her chain tangled and she could only sit without choking herself. I released her from the chain after a bit of struggling as it was very taunt from being tangled up; and the first thing she did was go up to the door of her owners home. I asked her to come back to me and took her four blocks away to my home but released her from there after my family started protesting. Two weeks later she once again is chained to the tree. Was it wrong of me to release her hoping for a better life somewhere else? Perhaps.

I am finding out that being “wrong” is purely a matter of opinion. Some powerful wrongs are set in stone by humanity and society; others are set by the soul and heart. I personally do not believe I did wrong by releasing her that night. You might disagree.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Wrong

  1. That is a really sad story about the dog. 😦 It’s wrong that she is tied to a tree, but I know most people don’t consider that so. One thing is for sure, it is WRONG for it to rain at the beach. 🙂

    • I did. I can’t remember if I reported it before or after I released her from the tree. She has been chained there for so long as a guard dog, it was hard for me to admit I planned to ‘friend’her during that year and hoped she would run away from such cruelty after I took her away. The county that she is at (I no longer live there) had told me she had water and she had shelter. There was evidence that she was given food. The only thing they could do was to talk to the owner and make sure her shots like rabies were up to date, but under the county guidelines she wasn’t exactly being ‘abused’. I still disagree.

      • I hate seeing a dog chained, I wonder why people have a dog if they won’t really make it a part of their family. They can be good guards inside too. I am glad that someone cared, (You)All the best to you! Steve

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