The Magic Bullet

A few years ago I dove right into the raw food lifestyle. I never really made the complete transition for more than a few months, however the teachings through eating this way has taught me loads about nutrition and my body and what it needs. I bought an Excalibur food dehydrator and  a Blendtec blender. To a non raw foodie you may not care about the brands I just mentioned. However, to someone who doesn’t  heat their food above the magical 115 degrees, those two items among a few others are the quintessential kitchen tools. Forget about the stove top and stove, those have been converted into a counter top with an extra storage compartment!

After a year, my daughter who hated cleaning out the Blendtec decided to spring for a Magic Bullet. This little blender with all it’s attachment type cups became her new kitchen toy. It has since lost its sparkle with my daughter, but now I have dusted it off and use it several times a week, mostly for breakfast smoothies. It does a fair job of making a smoothie chock full of fruit and vegetables, although sometimes there are chunks and the smoothie is a chunky monkey of a mess. Still, it does the job and most of the time fairly well enough to enjoy a healthy breakfast drink.

A few days ago I made a smoothie with celery, ginger, banana, blueberries and orange juice. It had a nice assortment of flavors and was very refreshing. I wish I had a picture to share. The Magic Bullet is truly magic!

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