The Pursuit of Happyness – My Instant Happiness Tool


The road less traveled  by made all the difference …

My Pollyanna outlook on life is one that is not well received by others. Yet, my soul tells me without this outlook I could easily become a person who views the world without rose colored lenses, but one that gazes through a dirty window seeing shadows lurking in the distance. Oh, I still can look out that dirty window and lately I find myself turning my head in that direction. Still, deep in my heart, I know that this type of action doesn’t do anything to my soul,my  daily interactions with others or my path ahead. If I take the road less traveled and it makes me happy in more ways than the road well worn, then why allow worry or regret seep into my thoughts? The road less traveled may have it’s shadows, it’s uncertainty; yet I must have faith that I am on the right road. For myself and for those I love, but mostly for myself.

In writing that above and taking the time to nurture my soul, a thought popped through that said “Isn’t that selfish?” I have to regress… and reply, “Am I doing a disservice to my Highest Good Potential if I don’t?” To continue this thought, isn’t all thoughts positive linked to loving oneself first and foremost (attach the breathing device to your face first before placing it on another) important in order to loving another? If I don’t learn to accept who I am, find out what makes me happy first, then I can’t see what I love about another person as readily. All of my views will be out of the dirty window. In order to see the beauty of the road less traveled, I must learn to love myself warts and all, first. The Pursuit of Happyness depends on it.

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