Comedy of Errors – Daily Post 2/27



Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Honestly, although I said tomorrow is my last day here anyway, he was doing the same thing against the new company policy he strictly enforces on the floor. Instead of whipping out my cell phone to text my nearly ex-husband about getting together to sign the tax forms we need to do this week to get the money the government so kindly holds for us, my (ex) store manager was on the phone with H & R Block asking them where HIS tax refund was! He gets off the phone from his call and asks me if I am taking a 10 minute break because I was texting. No I reply, I am doing the same thing as you, finding out where I need to meet my ex- husband to sign the tax forms to get a return. He says well you need to get back to work because it is against policy. I really don’t think when I replied, well tomorrow is my last day here. He retorts, “Is that why you are going against policy?” Yes I reply. He then says, ” Well you can go home.” 

The reason I was quitting wasn’t because it was a sucky job, only 15 hours a week on average a minimum wage. I’ve been there a year and I have gotten less than a $.05 increase. It is a dollar store so I never did expect much but to supplement my other job. The reason I gave a two week notice is because of poor management skills. Since I am going for a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and have had quite a few college level classes in Business Administration, I know how a good manager versus a bad manager should behave. This latest comedy of sorts was only one of a year long string that continually got worse over time. I quit because I like him as a person but hated him as a manager. I believe whether I was fired today or I quit (it is a right to work state so no harm done either way) I have done the right thing. 

I believe I will laugh out loud now, the last laugh as it is said. I am on a mission to do great things. All things are temporary and this job is no exception. On another Blog called Smokin Hot Mama Club, she writes, “I recently heard over 60% of today’s millionaires were once fired from a job.  I hold my head high in saying I’m part of that group (the fired part, not the millionaire part . . . yet)!  This isn’t a change of choice, this is a forced change and it can be good.” I believe this decision we both came to today is a good one. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me, it will be so good I’ll have to wear shades! 

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