First thought in the morning~ Post A day Prompt

I had a feeling of dread when the alarm woke me at 4am. You might wonder why i choose to get up at such an early hour, yet noone says ever that mid night is that late unless they routinely go to bed at 8pm. Still, the dread was not from waking up at that time, the cold front that seemed to penetrate through the thin walls of this 1904 built home or anything to do with a upon waking bodily function. I had turned off the sound on my cell phone 9 my backup alarm clock) because i did not want to be woken up to a text from the boss who fired me yesterday. Why would he text or call me late at night? Because he is still at the store at 2am therefore is usually still awake at 4am when i wake up for the day. I started work at the store at 5am three days a week. Plus, although i was fired yesterday, he asked if I would work today because it was Inventory day. Luckily, i must have pissed him off enough not to call for my help one more day. 

Normally, I write about things…well not so personal but more general. Yet, I feel i need the outlet of the larger audience as I work through all the changes that are occurring in my life; those i am creating and those that are out of my control but I must work around, through or accept as i move forward in life. My struggles lately really have impressed me in that, I am stronger than I have ever believed, my faith is the size of a mustard seed but not microscopic as I once thought and all things, including these changes are temporary. 

With that said, I dusted out that dreary first thoughts about the changes that I created in a heartbeat yesterday and grasped by the horns the changes in the aftermath I need to work on today and in the future.My thoughts have moved on to more positive and uplifting things, because I know in my heart “Thoughts become Things” like Mike Dooley often states. I can create my own happiness or unhappiness through my thoughts, i believe Abraham Lincoln once said. Today, the last day of February, I choose to think the thoughts of good men and women before me, keep peace and prosperity in my heart, promote good and positive thoughts that shine through my actions and a genuine smile on my face, instead of thinking in terms of doom and gloom. Life is beautiful and full of opportunities. I choose to keep believing  in that.Image

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