Never Under Estimate the Power of a Woman’s Intuition


Since living alone, I have had moments of clarity through the silence of my home. It seems that the more I unplug, the more I can hear the inner voice of reason (although sometimes I think the voice might be a touch insane!) and if I am brave enough to accept the challenges that plague me, I am constantly amazed about the outcome. Intuition is a wondrous thing that I believe women who own it through innate birth rites and men through glimpses of understanding, can appreciate. All too often though both men and women don’t give intuition the power and importance it deserves. So take a moment and listen to that nagging thought, women. Men do your part and listen, observe and gently bring logic into the mix. This yin/yang of logic and emotions gives balance we all need in daily life. As a woman, I know my emotions get the better of me more times than I’d like to admit. Accepting the logic of a man and not discounting the intuitive thoughts is the key to achieving balance in a relationship. Don’t poo-poo those nagging thoughts away, because your intuition is often more spot on than you would ever believe, if given a chance to exsist.

How did this handsome cat get into this post? Well, animal lovers, this is my cat Onyx aka Miu. I call him Miu at home or Miusouffa or Mighty Miu or like this morning around 3am, The Destruct-or. Spell check hyphenated that word! Go figure…

Miu has an appointment today to get his productive maleness taken away. He doesn’t realize that the fasting is for a reason. He believes that mom has turned into the Wicked Witch of the kitchen. So he is sequestered in the sun room whilst I had breakies and write (type) in peace. Otherwise said 5 month old would busy himself by gnawing at my ankles and feet. I’ll leave you with this joke, shared with me last night by my male cohort in life ~ my ex- brother in law or otherwise known as the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” man. He is one of those rare men in my life that loves to talk and share more than most of my friends, including my daughter. We swap mental couches as we take turns in guiding each other through daily ups and downs. I love you man!

So… I have a rooster and you have a donkey. My rooster is crazy and a cannibal (visual = chicken with razor sharp teeth). This chicken from hell escapes my clutches and starts gnawing on your donkeys legs. Before either one of us can react to the carnage your donkey has lost his legs. “What kind of animal do you have now?”, I ask, mortified. “I’m not sure” you reply, “All I know is you have 4 feet and your cock up my ass!”

Ok… so I howled with laughter. It was very funny last night when I needed a bit of humor in the first few minutes of being back to my empty apartment from work. Thank you SCW, your presence on the other end of the phone really makes my moments happier. I enjoy laughing with you as much as I enjoy picking apart life’s complexities with you. We will get through the ups and downs together, my hand clutching yours.

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