A New Day



I love the notion that every new day is a new beginning. May we all grasp that concept; there is life after grief, the road will not always be as bumpy as it is now and as every morning the sun rises, we have a choice to embrace and change our thoughts to create a new beginning.

I am passionately curious and despite the overwhelming sadness I have felt in the last week as I’ve shed my former dreams and worked on replacing them with new and exciting things, I am an incurable optimist. Having this character aspect has caused me both pain and joy, mostly joy. I can see it will be pulled from my bag of tricks as I heal from the death of my marriage. I am innately passionate about :

1. Children

2. Travel


4. Photography

5. Deep, Meaningful Conversations

6. People

7. Organic Gardening

8. New Moon Rituals

9. Wine  Networking

10. Animals

11. Beauty

12. Smiles

13. Love

14. Desires

15. Optimism

16. Food, gathering of people, breaking bread with others

17. Reading 

18. Warm showers/water

19. Massage

20. New Beginnings

….the list will be continued.

I strongly believe we can and should start over at anytime. Like the mythical Phoenix, we need to see the power in re-birth. Letting go of what was to make room for new and exciting things. Grab your shoes and let’s explore this new beginning together!

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