Daily Prompt: Silver Screen



I absolutely love this quote. The movie was awesome, and this moment when the young son Christopher was saying he wanted to play basketball professionally and the elder Christopher said something flippant, like no you will never be anything like that…

I’m sure, as a parent ( my kids are 17 & 19 years old) I might have breathed those words out loud… those negative, thoughtless words.  I could have been frustrated, angry about my own failures or just plain tired. The thing is, that is what is remembered and in this movie the young Christopher stops the basketball, sits on it and puts his hands on his chin. The elder says why did you stop… then this quote after he realized the damage he had done to his son’s self esteem, was spoken. May we all, parents or not, remember this quote. Never shoot down someone else’s dream, even if you don’t believe they can accomplish it. Many ‘dreams’ are cut short by an unfeeling response. 

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