Grief in solitude




They flow from a crevice in my heart

As if they could wash away the pain that lingers

like oil on top of water

it remains steadfastly in my soul

coating every interaction

sadness, grief consumes me

I’ve been told

“This is not normal!”

I can’t not mourn the death

of twenty years with this man

I gave him my all

He took what he needed

Communicated rarely what he felt

and finally showed my son

disrespect that cut deeply

Solitude in this way

Is difficult to process

Because the dust settled once I left

And he seems to have easily moved on

I mourn death that is metaphorical

“Why aren’t you angry? Vengeful? Bitter?”

Because despite all the differences I had hope

I will always love him


Today at 2pm 

My heart breaks



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