Random Post, Post a Day, Making you Reminisce, Photo a Day


I spend the first part of EVERY morning in this state, one way or another, my computer is in front of me, books and magazines are surrounding me, the cat Miu-suaffa is running a muck, either from sheer boredom from watching me read and/ or write or because he is on crack again.


I am trying to use my camera on a daily basis. This act alone has opened doors to many ideas about writing and has made me slow down enough to be aware of my surroundings.


This awareness is adding a certain depth to my life, something like a gift or innate ability I never knew I possessed until now.  Every minute I seem to be reverting back to my childhood, where I felt everything was amazing and was surprised and excited about seeing it for the first time.

A seemingly random conversation and observation where my friend exclaimed, “When was the last time you actually saw a  payphone”? produce a payphone the next day to photograph. I didn’t seek it, it sought and found me as I walked around Daytona during Bike Week 10,000 !


If you are in a adventurous mood, do exactly what I am describing; wallow in the synchronicities as your day unfolds at your feet. Reminisce about the days in your past before opening your eyes up to opportunities. Like the payphone, wonders never cease to amaze and miracles are not such an ancient concept time and technology seemingly has erased.

“Dwell in possibilities” ~ Emily Dickinson


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