On Being Scolded

It looks like I do not have access to the photo files on my new computer… yet. I have been working a lot, working (albeit, procrastinating) on my 12 page APA paper, reflective in exercising and porch sitting, instead of writing here or on paper. Just practicing the art of thinking about things; you know, those things that make you go hummm. Like I was just drifting off about the use of a semi- colon. Huuummm… did I use it the right way in that last sentence? I don’t think so. Anyhoo, those trivial yet mind blowing thoughts. I have abstained from wine and feel much better about that choice than my alcoholic lady that resides in my head. She is kicking and screaming at this juncture. Over 10 days with only one beer consumed Easter Day. No other alcohol. She protests loudly. For example, yesterday I had several hours to kill before class time. There was nothing to do and I was in Daytona.

… Well, the pesky spirits aka loose cable killed the Internet when I was writing this post 2 days ago.  This morning, the nicest cable guy came to the door, set up his computer, checked the wall outlet where the cable comes through and announces, “Oh, the cable is loose, I think that is why you are having trouble!” Really???

I spent a good portion of the morning on the phone with said cable company. Granted, I needed to talk to the customer service rep. She advised me all sorts of things from kids, teenagers, long term marriages that lead into divorce, you name it, she and I talked about it. The Internet and getting to this post ended up being secondary – trivial.

Today in spirit land, it is cloudy, windy, muggy and it just started to rain. I got in four miles today; about 2 miles each of running and walking. A good day to exercise. I would love to take my camera with me on days like this, to take photos as I walk instead of jog by. And why did I name this post “Scolded”? Well, I am not sure. Perhaps it is my mind trying to categorize priorities versus desires, procrastination against school and work deadlines and commitments. Ah well. A day off is being enjoyed, now at home, listening to the rain fail and the only thing occupying my mind is lunch. Until we meet again…

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