Whoo- Hoo! The Bouquet of Three Award!

I haven’t been writing all that much lately. I have been feeling guilty about that. Since college finished for the Spring two weeks ago, I have taken a mini vacation of the mind and body. I stopped running and walking each morning and have really enjoyed creating in the kitchen, catching up on long phone conversations and taking my son to various doctors offices. It seems when one crisis passes another one just happens to open doors to opportunities and of course a large amount of worry.

Well, enough about that in other posts! I did receive my freelance writer business cards on Wednesday and smile every time I look at them. Wonder if I will really take that leap and actually try to make money writing. My tag- line on the cards is “Freelance Writer Extraordinaire”, as if I am up there with Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. Still, going in strong and going out stronger is my motto. What do I have to loose?  It’s a challenge, and I do love challenges!

Here are the criteria for this award:

1. Display the award!




2. Thank the person who nominated you.

Thank you Beth! Beth’s blog is about FEAR or aka Forget Everything and Run.  She has decided that just because she is between employment opportunities, there is no need to feel glum and sit on her bum! She has decided to run instead to fight off depression and get a little exercise to boot. I came across Beth’s blog, http://forgeteverythingandrun.wordpress.com

when I signed up to be a zombie, for a 5k run in Orlando. That run unfortunately canceled due to lack of participants; still, I bought new shoes and continued to run. Blogs like Beth’s, so full of inspiration to a new runner, give me greater confidence as I move throughout my day. Thank you again Beth! I am so honored!

3. Pass the inspiration on to 15 recently discovered bloggers.

This one makes me smile, because I know 15 other bloggers will be smiling when they see they have been nominated!

1. The Accidental Cootchie Mama

2. Follow Your Heart and Life will Follow

3. Leanne Cole Photography

4. The Art Studio by Mark Moore

5. A Northeast Ohio Garden

6. Ellis Nelson

7. B.G. Bowers

8. The Better Man Projects

9. Urban Wall Art

10. Life Portofolio

11. 365 days to 30…. Wedding

12. One Hot Mess(age)

13. Sakshi Vashist

14. Twisted Muses

15. My Everyday Power Blog

4. Contact the Bloggers. Yep, I sure will! After breakkies though!

5. Share 7 things about yourself.

1. I am a dreamer. I have big dreams.

2. I am an optimist, a sickly sweet one!

3. I was married 20 years. I am still adjusting 6 months after moving out to single- dome. Some days are better than others…

4. I started going to college at 41 years old. I often give people the feeling I am a teacher.

5. I homeschooled my children for 15 years… see above.

6. I dye my hair! The auburn color makes my blue eyes pop and my fair skin shine.

7. I love dancing in the rain…

4 thoughts on “Whoo- Hoo! The Bouquet of Three Award!

  1. I am a dreamer too, though I wish I was optimistic, that would be great. Congratulations your bouquet, it is lovely, very sweet, and thank you for honouring me with it as well.

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