Bittersweet Symphony – My Gargolye



The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

I am listening to this song as I write about this bittersweet memory. I bought this gargoyle on a trip that turned out to be… bittersweet. I wanted to take her away and make this something special. She wasn’t expecting it and didn’t really seem to enjoy the weekend we had together. She loved me but struggled with… demons. She since then has been diagnosed with Bipolar. This isn’t a surprise  in fact it answers so many perplexing questions about our 7 years together. 

Although we had a two year separation with no contact, we have lately re-opened contact. It’s ok, I am still in Florida and she is in Texas. I might as well be on Mars and she on Saturn; the distance between us is vast in more ways than physical. Yet, drawn to an unconscious connection, we maintain a bond stronger than steel. It is a bittersweet relationship. My gargoyle is made out of concrete and I currently use it as a door stop when the wind threatens to slam the door shut. I like ‘him’, sassy with his tongue sticking out. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks and honestly he doesn’t over think things like I do. He will hang above my front door when i am able to buy a home. Until then, he is a constant reminder of what was, how many changes have occurred since that weekend, and how life in it’s twists and turns might be bittersweet but something to enjoy no matter what the circumstances bring our way. Life is short and taken from us without warning. Who you are today may not be that same person tomorrow. Don’t take anything for granted, especially your time with a person you love.

1:11 Angels.  




4 thoughts on “Bittersweet Symphony – My Gargolye

  1. We should never take anything for granted. Life is too short and we should appreciate every second of it. Don’t worry about a thing, everything will fall into place like it is supposed to. Best of luck with everything.

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