Daily Prompt: Goals ~ Why Do I Write?

Oh my goodness.

As an introvert in reality, writing becomes my way of expressing feelings words somehow cannot always convey. Writing allows me to use analogies freely to back up the unspoken depth of the meaning behind the words. Writing gets me out of my head like speaking almost always fails at doing. 

This blog was started in August 2012, nearly a year ago. I thought I would use it to talk about my love of creating in the kitchen and show off some photography, perhaps eek out some words of meaning. Over the course of the last year, it has been my doorway to express my grief over a failed marriage, little to do with food creating, alot to do with emotional turmoil as I struggle with all the changes that continue to take place around me. 

I am contemplating closing this blog down to focus more on a goal to promote my writing in a professional, not heart led, manner. I still have a couple months to decide if this would be a wise decision. Time and more changes will show me what I need to do.

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