Weekend Trip Coast to Coast (of Florida)

I was able to travel from Daytona Beach to Clearwater Beach in 3 days time. I didn’t get to sink my toes in the sand in Daytona, but could from my vantage point been on the beach within 5 minutes time. That day was full of errands and with UCF and my doctor’s office on the agenda, the beach that day had to wait. Then Friday morning came around. I got up early and was ready to head out before the sun came up. Instead I called the chiropractor office and asked if I could come in early. Yah! Yes I could. A quick stop for the BEST homemade Pan de Queso bread and Cuban coffee at my favorite Hispanic bakery, I was on the interstate. From my hometown to Tampa/Clearwater is about a 3 hour drive. Being Memorial Day weekend I knew just to take my time and enjoy the ride. I hardly slept in the 2 days I took to visit family and friends, then make it back home Sunday morning and dash out the door for work by noon. I had such a great time. Here are some pictures of that visit.


ImageImageImageImage Leaving I-4 behind… here I come 275!


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