Normal is an Illusion



I am a word-a-phoebe…

 phoe·be  /ˈfēbē/

An American tyrant flycatcher (genus Sayornis) with mainly gray-brown or blackish plumage.

So, that means I catch words like this bird catches flies. I LOVE, LoVe, love words and their meanings. I LoVe quotes. Anytime a quote hits a chord within me, I snag it. 

What is Normal??? Today I was doing my morning routine, drinking coffee, nodding at the farmer who lovingly harvested the beans that made the coffee and scanning my growing number of e-mail’s that came in whilst I was a-sleeping. I’ve recently moved my computer to the desk and the dining room table to it’s new home in a corner of the living room. I am creating space for a roommate. The dining room itself is about half of the living space here. We decided that sharing a room wouldn’t work and that she would use the dining room as her bedroom. I live in a community of less than 100 residents, and any new member must go through a background check and approved by the community board of trustees. A bunch of old timers that scrutinize each request for change.
This morning the photo of the week post is “What  does that Sign Say?” and true to form, I have a photo somewhere. That led to where?? I have 3 thumb drives. I tried out all three and tripped down memory lane. My life before. If I were to reflect on Mortica’s quote above, what time period is normal, and which was chaos? The NOW is pretty normal, but oh so different than the BEFORE. How did I get here? Needing a roommate, solitary life as a Ms., defining myself as a lover not a ying to someone’s yang in a marriage institution? 
Today I am to head to the beach. With his family from England that is visiting for a week. My daughter, my brave counterpart, sends me a text and says he will not be working today. That leaves me in a conundrum. I mean, I have to at some point in time see him with his girlfriend. I have been on my own for six months and in just the last three he has the said girlfriend practically moving in with him and our kids. However in these past three months, his family and I have been careful not to cross paths with them at various family functions. Today’s events might prove to be a challenge since I do not want to give up on this opportunity to be with our family from England. Our family ~ I didn’t divorce them even though technically perhaps it would save us all from an enormous amount of uncomfortable feelings. Does today have to be chaotic if we both decide to be with our family? Only if I chose it to be. I can choose to be and act as if the normal, is NOW. I will bring my camera and take pictures. Maybe instead of finding the sign picture I wanted to use this morning for the photo of the week prompt, I will capture a new sign picture, one that is of today’s NORMAL. 
Normal is an illusion, yes. I will be like a magician and make it so.

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