Ah Stuff; a day off at home

ImageI am blessed (by the best) beyond reason. I picked this line up from a customer that frequented the grocery store I worked in Kissimmee. A move to north central Florida was un-nerving for me; I grew up in Kissimmee and found once leaving this city, I wanted to desperately return.  After several years, this location has taken hold of my heart. I am eager to set up my roots like a mighty oak tree. I live in a peace- filled community. I’ve fallen in love with the location, my children call this home and love has found me,little ole me, once again. Someone who sees me flaws and all and still loves me. I am in awe most days and today I am finding I am grateful that I landed here. Everything happens for a reason. Every breath I take, every decision I make, the Universe responds in kind. 

Like the kites at the festival on the beach off Flagler Ave. last weekend, I feel like I am flying. I’ve learned to let go and the more I practice this one thing, the better I am becoming in letting things go. Not forcing a situation to occur. It’s all good, no matter what the outcome, especially if I practice non- attachment to  a situation. 

It might remain a lazy day at home. I thought I had plans with my love but it seems he is still busy and for that I can’t blame him. This time frees me up to do many things, write in my blog, scan the e-mail’s, sit in the sun, lay in bed, gaze into the sun filled sky and dream. A day really with nothing to do and no where pressing to go… I have something many others don’t, freedom to do what I want. 

The above picture is New Symrna Beach. It is about 30 minutes from my home. I am so lucky to be so close. The lazy, crazy days of summer.



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