Why I Write #2



Stephen Hawking is a super hero of mine. To meet him would be equivalent to kissing the feet of Jesus. This quote of his embodies the reason I write. And gosh, when I really think about it, I have been a writer for as long as I have been alive, and that realization is brand new! I grew up with a book in my hand at all times. I loved the ambience the town library gave to my senses. The musty smell of the card catalog, the cool glass mosaic on every pole that went from floor to ceiling. The glass front windows that allowed me to gaze in the traffic passing by through the small downtown area of the sleepy town. The Arcade Theater was directly across the street where with $5 a movie, popcorn and a drink could be purchased and change still in my pocket. On a summer afternoon about once a week it seemed, an afternoon outing to the library was established. My mom would pick up a week supply of Harlequin Romances while I pulled several books from the shelf and scattered them haphazardly around my crossed – legged posture on the floor. That library in Kissimmee closed it’s doors long ago. There is a pizza parlor where it use to be… or is it a hair dressers shop??? The Arcade Theatre is also gone. In it’s place there are a couple of hip night life bars with funky names like The Wicked Step- Sister. The rest of the space where the theatre stood is a 3 to 5 story downtown apartment building. 

Still, in my minds eye, I can picture myself being young, eager to absorb the written words of a writer famous or not and I can almost feel the coolness of the floor on my bare legs that broke the heat of a summer’s day. 

Last month when I posted about Why I Write, I said it is the way to get feelings out on paper and out of my head. Sure, lately I have really used my writing to do that. Yet, bottom line, I write because I love the way I can communicate to others and how others through their stories, poems and quotes, communicate to me. Without this machine, if you will, this tool, perhaps this quiet person would never be able to put into spoken words the depth of my passions or the process of my crazy ways. 

Off to write some more…

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