Sometimes a break is what is needed most. A break from everyday worries, a time for inner work, a space for solitude. I don’t often welcome such breaks. My mind plays havoc for a while and it is easier to be distracted with shiny objects. I tried to check out for a while on June 13th and that met me head on with some remorseful results. Oh, I am ok. A little ashamed from my carelessness but physically ok. And the damage to material objects can be fixed. I know I am not the only one that can behave badly when it seems life’s struggles seem insurmountably huge. Still, I feel I should know better than that. 

Inner healing is just as good, if not better than outer healing. You know, that mask we give to the world most of the time that says, yeah I got control over this. Whatever this is for you, I understand your struggle. I have empathy over your pain. I also need to remind myself to love my hurt child within. Thank you for understanding my break in posting anything substantial this week. Some days I just need step back and embrace solitude. 

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