Trick, Trick, Trick


Obama and myself, a Hallows- Eve party.

I do my best thinking in water. Hummm… today’s thoughts come from the dish water, and a conversation I had with my soul mate, he being the one currently, one of many that were before. My eyes… oh looking possessed! Maybe I was back then. Memories

My soul mate is very analytic. He was talking about his distrust about using a pendulum. He is a medium and believes Spirit gives him messages to deliver to people. He is pretty accurate in those messages, enough so to make me believe in his physic ability. Yet he is dubious about using a pendulum to receive messages from Spirit. There are so many ways to receive messages; we believe in prayer and 9 times out of 10 we can believe our prayers have been answered. That one unanswered prayer may not be in the way we wanted it to be answered, yet it is what we believe in that really counts.

If I believe in something so outlandish as Jesus walking on water, does it make it so? Heck, I don’t know if he did or not, but millions of people believe that story. Why then don’t we believe something can happen? A product of a desired outcome?? I watched a vlog this morning by the creator of The Better Man Project. He believes the hard work he has done in the past to improve himself has brought him the unknown opportunity to work with a friend on that friend’s dream. The creator of BMP believes this is the crucial opportunity to make his dreams, desires, wishes come true. I believe that if he believes in this as his truth, then yes he will see it fruit in some way. He can chalk it up to manifestation or synchronicity or the power of the human mind. Maybe he asked to see a sign like a feather of a certain color and as he talked to his friend that colored feather floated down out of the sky. Who knows why he has chosen this opportunity as THE ONE.

Maybe we are tricking ourselves.  Yet if we are: tricking ourselves into believing something is OUR TRUTH, and convincing others that it is THEIR TRUTH then how can it not be THE TRUTH? Subsequently, there are our experiences and memories. I have mentioned this before, my communications professor once said, “The power of communication lies in the hands ( the understanding) of the RECEIVER.” We, the projector of ideas and thought,s usually think we are the ones with the power of communication. In fact, we have no power at all, because the receiver has the power to take the information you give him/her and using their experiences and memories, understands it from their perspective. This thought links to the past, what you believe as a child and now hold as true as an adult. These belief’s are so ingrained that most of the time we are not aware of them! We just believe them to be true!

Well, there you go my readers. I was with Obama that night. The things I think about even perplex me.

Marcus Aurelius Quote


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