Daily Prompt : Opposite Day

I am to do the opposite of what I normally do with my posts…

Here is a Haiku; I don’t believe I have done one although I have thought about trying my had in poetry for a few weeks now…

Sunday morning owl

He is dead, yellow beak upward

Lifeless wings in flight

This morning a runner motioned me to come outside. He pointed to the ground near the electrical pole  across the street from my home, and said “That is an owl. I hope that there aren’t any babies he or she was taking care of, although most owl parents share in the duty of taking care of babies still in the nest.” I though it strange he would think outward for the babies that this bird might or might not have. Yet aren’t we all connected in some way to others?

The owl is a substaintial size. I notified someone on the camp committee and showed him the corpse. My road is busy with foot traffic mostly, and I live right next to the temple. Someone will, sometime today, just before church, mess with poor Mr/Ms owl. I feel I ought to move him to the clump of trees… get him away from the obvious place where he has fallen. Owls are protected I think. Maybe a call to animal protection… yet it is Sunday, who will I reach?

My haiku is about Mr/Ms owl who lost his/her life this morning as the sun rose. May you rest in peace.

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