Daily Prompt: Dream (home)

I love to take photos although I often go weeks without removing my camera from its bag. If I were to describe my dream home, it would be in the mountains but only 2 hours away from the coast. It would be a cabin, but one of those with a low slung expansive porch that wraps around the house and is screened in only in room like fashion. It would have a dog trot between the house and the kitchen and the kitchen would be big with a green house attached and an outdoor sink and shower. The living area will be just enough and a small aclove for a desk and a couple of cozy chairs and a fireplace. There would be three rooms upstairs and a small staircase leading to a private study on the third floor. There will be many windows for lots of breezes, noises and smells. There will be ponds on the wooded property, like this one below, where many hours of contemplation can be wasted on the site of animals living life without care. Image

Cassadaga, FL  – Lake Colby – June 21, 2013 – Sunrise

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