Sunday Morning Musings

I wanted to share this thought from The Philospher’s Notes and expand on my own experiences:

Your State of Consciousness

Posted: September 24, 2012 @ 2:20 PM | By: Brian Johnson

“How ‘spiritual’ you are has nothing to do with what you believe but everything to do with your state of consciousness. This, in turn, determines how you act in the world and interact with others.” ~ Eckhart Tolle from A New Earth


Makes me think of my childhood. We went to church every Sunday. (I was raised Catholic.) I always found it extraordinarily odd that, after the service, my dad would be murmuring/yelling about how poorly everyone was driving on the way out of the parking lot. (Rest in peace, pops!! 🙂

Even as a young boy, that always seemed just a little off. 🙂

As Tolle says, what we believe means nothing.

How we act—which is determined by our consciousnesss—is what it’s all about.

How about you?

How do you act?

It’s not enough to have noble beliefs. We’ve gotta integrate them into our being so our consciousness shifts accordingly.

And, of course with a transformed consciousness our actions follow suit.

I grew up in a christian home. We went to church Wednesday and Sunday (morning and evening services) and anything that happened in between. As far back as I remember I was in church; the nursery (in an Episcopal church), the pew laying in my mother’s lap with an earache (at the Church of Christ) , meeting and having a crush on my first boyfriend there, meeting my soon to be step father there, then another move to this church where my new father and my mom could begin a new life at a new church.

I had just turned 14 years old when we moved over to this church. There was a Youth Minister and the church Minister, there are deacons and classes to go to. I was in the bell choir, went to many church activities, including trips out-of-state to places I hadn’t been to before. When I turned 16, I was questioning my sexuality, ‘doing the right thing” by loosing my virginity, and asking disturbing questions about the vitality of the Written Word. I was often told just believe because ‘it is so’. By 17 years old, I was ready to stop going to church. I fought with my parents for my right to stay home on Wednesday and Sunday. My questions weren’t being answered and I wanted more time to hang out with a book or my boyfriend. By 18 I had moved out on my own after graduating high school and for decades attended church haphazardly, believing that religion in general was the root of all that ails society.

During the five months that I still lived in my marital home I often felt the need to attend church. To hear “the good word”, to pray for guidance, to plead for help. Finally, in search of things that gave me comfort, I went to the closest, albeit not Christian, church that I could attend before going to work at noon. I arrived in this community early enough to allow me time to walk the streets of this tiny hamlet town. It was here where I saw the “For Rent” sign and the rest is history. It took me a week of doubt to finally call the landlord and ask about the house.

I’ve been living here seven months now. I live right next door to the Temple; in fact my desk is in a small room and I gaze at the temple when lost in thought to type out the next sentence. I didn’t immediately take to going to church here. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to ‘belong’ to a religion again. My heart will always relate more to the teachings in a Unitarian Universalist church; however, my community is here and attending classes and church here is easier than going to the next town over where a UU church is located. Last week I asked my boss if I could have at least two Sunday’s off a month to attend the services that start at 9:30am and end around 2pm on Sunday’s here. I like the community, the group feeling, the acceptance of being a part of something. It has been a long, lonely, often times sorrowful journey living here, learning to be a single, independent person, which I truly never had been before. I am exiting that tunnel and see the amazing path before me. I am at peace with coming full circle and at home here in this community. All things being temporary, I will move on soon. I never planned to stay long. At the same time, for today, I will love what is and in… oh my gosh! less than 20 minutes, go to church! I’d better get moving and stop musing!


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