Sometimes Life is a Bowl of Cherries



Of course Forrest is right, a box of chocolates on a day like today would be better! With a bottle of Merlot don’t forget!

Life brings people together seemingly by happenstance. If you believe like I do, everything happens for a reason



then you know that when people meet or things happen, there is a divine plan in the works. What can I learn from this interaction/ action/occurrence? I am always questioning. I am always second guessing like maybe I have missed something grand. Every little thought or word that slips out of my mouth or gets onto wordpress and into the lives of others, I wonder, what is the purpose here? Do you ever wonder that?

Today on my run/ walk hour first thing in the morning I meet for the second time Carl (55) and Harley (2). Harley is Carl’s dog or Carl is Harley’s pet that drives him to the park.  I am sitting on my ‘meditation’ rock down in the dry lake bed when I hear a rustling. In Florida we have the occasional bear and the notice in the town post office this week alarmed me enough to be vigilant. It wasn’t until I see Harley bouncing up and down in the tall, dry reeds and weeds did I let the air out of my lungs. Here comes Carl, whistling down at Harley. I wave and stand up and he waves back. No meditation this morning. We re-introduce ourselves ( my story – I’m a horrible name keeper to humans!) and apparently that is his story too. We vow when we meet again that we will remember each others names.

He is interested in where I live. I find this slightly amusing because he has lived in the small town next to me since 1964 and I run/walk through this town as part of my routine. It is only about 2 miles from my home and in relation to where the park is, my home is a stones throw away. I live with Spiritualist in this ‘camp’ or hamlet. I don’t know if it is a town or not; it is considered an established camp although currently there are none living in tents here.

Spiritualist are a misunderstood bunch. Half of the visitor’s are expecting to communicate with the ‘devil’; the other half are wanting a certain dead personality to show him or her self. They look for orbs, hope to see ghostly apparitions for ‘proof’ of the spirit realm. In reality, Spiritualist are people who think outside the box that so many people love to keep themselves in. There are good mediums and bad, just like there are good people and bad. Trying to answer Carl’s questions as best as a non medium can, he decided to share with me his story.

Basically life threw him a major curveball in 1989. That is what? 22 – 23 years ago? His wife was killed in a car accident. I could give you the grim details but I won’t; it ripped who he was apart and in his words “I’ve not been the same person since.” He said he has had relationships but none past the honeymoon stage; in fact, when things got to her saying ‘I love you’ to him, he fell back he told me. He figures that it is his lot in life to continue on as someone single.

This fascinates me. Not because it is miserably sad ( because the details are) but because how we ALL, not just me, tell our story as if it is our burden to hold onto. You all know mine – 45 years old, struggling woman first time alone in her life, her identity of a stay at home, support your man, raise the children life pulled out from under me. I am a pollyanna optimist by nature and maybe unfortunately, this story of mine has nearly killed that person I once was. As Carl talked to me, I saw in his story who he was and what he lost in the 22 – 23 years since his wife’s death. I don’t want to be well into my 60’s and look back to this year thinking of remorse of what has been lost. That is what fascinates me — how we accept loss and how it affects us as people. How it affects our soul and to a greater degree, our personality.

Carl surprised me by sharing as much of himself to me today. He might decide to come to the camp for a reading and hopefully before deciding he will ask me who to trust. Like I said, mediums today are as crooked as any other person out there and this place isn’t immune to ‘those type’ of people. This conversation made me realize I have such a long way to go myself. Perhaps it was the Universe nudging me a bit and saying don’t get too comfortable there is still work to be done. I sure don’t want to lock myself into a mindset that my fate on earth is in stone because x-y-z has happened to me. It is all about perspective. Thank you for another lesson to learn.


One thought on “Sometimes Life is a Bowl of Cherries

  1. When you can’t change a person or situation, the only thing you can change is your response to it. Life isn’t fair, but it is about what you do with what you get.

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