Daily Prompts: State of My Year – Mid Year Review

If I were to take this from January, the true start of the year 2013, then the State of 2013 at it’s mid point has been eventful even as days pass by uneventfully. 

It would seem like I am in limbo; in fact there have been days even as recently as this Saturday where I am wondering if I am doing “enough”. In retrospect, I believe in a year from now I will look back on this time and say yes, enough was done. Just enough. I am content for the most part and love living life to the fullest even if that means spending my days off on the porch and blogging. I am finding a nice routine that will enhance my busier times in life – and those times are fast approaching. In a week I have an externship at a non- profit shadowing a grant writer, my ultimate career goal. I have made a contact with another non profit group nearby to intern for a year as a grant writer apprentice. My college classes start on the 19th August, so for 16 weeks or up to Christmas three online classes will occupy my time. Weekly I am looking for better employment. Hopefully I will soon be fully employed instead of underemployed. 

So even though I have spent a large amount of time as a hermit on my front porch, life will soon become busier for me and full of opportunities I need to seize. Overall, since being independent for the first time in my life, I can strongly announce ( at least at this point in time!) life is good and it can only get better. I have been to the bottom and now am making my way up to the top again.

Much love and light on your journey. I hope your 2013 mid year review is as positive as mine.

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