A Word Press Conundrum



I love Word Press and write on here often but not daily. Last year at this time I bought the $99 bundle to get a domain. In 4 days I will have to renew or give up this package. I am leaning on giving it up, thus losing souldfoodwords.me and adding ads on my pages. I need your advice: If you do not have a domain but a .com, how do you like it? If you had purchased a domain at one time but gave it up or vise versa, didn’t have one but eventually purchased one, what pros and cons do you see in the two options?

I am leaning towards giving up the domain. The only loss, if I view it as such, is 500 business cards that I have not used with the .me addy on them. Of course I could still use those cards down the road, but cross out and fix the new addy. I appreciate any feedback you  provide. A big thank you to all that respond.



5 thoughts on “A Word Press Conundrum

  1. I’m probably not the best person to give advice as I’ve added to my blog in bits and pieces (probably would have been less expensive to buy a bundle!). Have you considered / is it possible to buy only the individual elements you want and use? Right now I’m only using the two things that feel most important to me (domain name and no ads). I had the CSS editing option and didn’t use it once so it was a “no brainer” to let that one lapse.

    • The domain name package is $99 for a year. I can’t afford that really (will rely on credit) and it seems like the better part of the cost is the domain name, not the exclusion of the ads. I haven’t seen that they separate them in just getting the domain for a lesser cost. Can you tell me where I can find if they offer an al carte menu? The other one that is advertised is a business bundle at $199. Ugh…

  2. Don’t know much…but you can ask the help department on WordPress. They have helped me when I was transferring my already purchase domain from another host to my WordPress account.

    The information they gave me helped!

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