Daily Prompt: The Green – Eyed Monster


Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster


by michelle w. on August 3, 2013


Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.



You and I have to talk. I know you were with him for nearly 10 years. I can’t believe that you stayed as long as you have though. Your relationship with him ended three years ago, yet you both are tied together in this life through a karma you both think has existed in multiple lifetimes. You haven’t moved on and he publicly keeps that persona of a relationship/ close friendship alive. I would like to say that from all accounts presented to me so far, you aren’t in a phsyical relationship with him, yet in town everyone says you are his girlfriend, significant other or they are confused with the closeness you both still share in public situations.

I’ve asked him to tell you that he is in a relationship with someone else. People talk and he is reluctant to spur off questions that this statement could present. Who? How? Why? And good god, she is so much younger than you are! So, I can see both sides. Him saying anything would create a dust bowl of gossip that none of us need.

For the most part my relationship with him as time goes on becomes more secure and I can keep the green – eyed monster in the closet, safety latch secure. Yet like an elephant in the room the three of us walk around bumping into it every once in awhile. Still, we remain mute and give courtesy through light conversations and awkward knowing. The thing is the three of us have yet to be in mutual triad company together in public. This makes me feel excluded in a way that makes me think that green -eyed monster is never in the secured closet, but right next to my other nemesis, fear. Whatever this secret triangle we share in this lifetime, I hope it doesn’t recreate itself in other lifetimes. Once is enough for me. For now, you aren’t my enemy, just a person I keep at a distance knowing how my thoughts can create words carelessly tempted to burst out of my mouth or actions that perhaps I won’t consciously place consideration on if we cross on a bad day, yours or mine. Your personality is strong, outgoing and you ask questions after you speak you mind. I am passive, quiet and reserved with my thoughts verbally unspoken unless I feel threatened. We are two very different people who care for the same man. Because of that bond you shared and your close proximity to his daily interactions in social situations, I doubt my green – eyed monster will slink away quietly. Still, I will hold out hope, since that is why I remain steadfast in a beautiful relationship with him. In time (time heals) I hope the monster fades into the distance. You knowing something, even intuitively, would suffice for me. Until that happens, there is a monster between us.     


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