Tarot Card of the Week – Aug. 5th – 11th

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

Nine is a number of perfection and completion; the Nine of Pentacles shows both of these, in both the material and spiritual realms. Though primarily a materialistic card, as all the Pentacles are, it does bear a spiritual side as well. A lifetime of work and refinement brings not only material rewards, but wisdom and satisfaction as well. Abundance in material wealth leads to abundance in emotion, and that leads eventually to abundance in spirit. This relationship is reversible too, for through spiritual development we gain the means to become even richer.

The main focus of the Nine of Pentacles, again, is on the material plane. It shows a solid financial base, assured security and comfort. This is the natural end of the choice made on the Seven and the hard work of the Eight. Sometimes it will come through windfall or inheritance but in the majority of cases it must be earned and fought for. This provides the responsibility necessary to manage your new wealth, and the experience to decide what to do with it now. A certain degree of self-discipline is implied by the Nine, and with this self-discipline comes the assurance that your wealth will not be wasted or squandered.

You have a right to be proud of all you’ve accomplished, and others certainly should recognize your success. But if they do not, that is all right. The only judge of your success is you, and if you are pleased with yourself, that is all that matters. This is the lesson of the Nine of Pentacles: material success will help you build upon your own self-worth, and even if you lose all that physical wealth, your opinion of yourself can never be changed once it is established. It certainly can never be taken away from you. Enjoyment of your fortune does not depend on others, it depends on you!

The Nine of Pentacles is really a balance between material accomplishment and spiritual wisdom; a combination of having wealth and taking pleasure from it. This balance implies that you cannot concentrate on having wealth – you must learn from it and use it to develop your self-worth. Such development leads inevitably to future rewards such as raises and promotions, which will raise your self-esteem again. This card often shows the necessity to take a good look at yourself and see just how wealthy you really are, in terms of both the material and spiritual treasures in your possession. Wishes for success may already have been granted.

This page was made by James Rioux (The Black Shadow), bshadow@nbnet.nb.ca.
Copyright 2000 James Rioux.
This card was an excellent pull from the deck this week. The Power Ball is at $400 million and I am actively gearing up for my college classes, plus volunteering with two non- profits doing exactly what I want to do after another 5+ years of college ahead of me! I am abundant even though tonight my bank account says otherwise. I am in awe and gratitude with the growth I have made in the time I have been on my own. Everyday that passes I KNOW that I am on the right path seeking my pot of gold at the end of my journey academically. I do my best not to freak out everyday knowing the Universe has my back. I am not given anything I can’t handle. All is well.

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