Dare to Dream by Coach Joelle Prochera


If you don’t allow yourself to want something, not only is it unlikely to happen, it’s virtually impossible. Whether you want to cross the street or cross the globe, the journey begins by first allowing the thought “I want that!”.

Do you know what you want? YES.

 Have you given voice to your dreams or do you hesitate, thinking….

What if I dare to dream and fail? It becomes a lesson learned. Then I dream some more and try again.

What if achieving my dream takes more than I’m willing to give? Then it isn’t what I need in my life after all.

What if I have no clue how to begin?! I take the first baby step forward, and if after a time it isn’t working out for me, then I take the next road not yet traveled.

Embracing the longings of your heart is essential to having a fulfilled and meaningful life. You owe it to yourself and your life to take a peek at what you would dream if you dared.

Ask yourself:

  • If I could have anything for my life what would I want? I want to be financially independent so I can pay my bills with relative ease and still meet my daily needs. 
  • If I could use my life to make a difference in the world what difference would I make? I make a difference everyday by doing what I can to help others. The more people I am able to help along their journey it comes back to me ten fold. I make a huge difference in my world.

  • What does God/ the universe/my highest self, want for my life? The higher source wants me to love unconditionally. I strive for that in all my relationships. To see the god- source in others and be aware we are all one despite our different stories.
  • If I had abundant money, time and resources what would I choose to do with my life? I would continue to live like I am; living and loving life daily. I would buy a little home and plant a garden. I will smile more and worry less. 

  • What do I want that I have not allowed myself to want? I want it all! I am a big fan of dreaming.
  • What is the action I can already see to take? I have to step back in order to look at the bigger picture. I have to move (currently packing boxes), re-create in another town, remember to breathe, and think that this is not a set-back, but a step forward. Or… stop paying bills and stay in town. Hummm… I will look at more options. 

Is something rising to the surface? YES. Does it excite you? Very much so. I am not afraid of change. I welcome the unknown and will bravely explore all avenues.

Once you say “YES” to your dreams, little by little the way will be shown. Your job is simply to hold your dream close, keep the faith and keep moving forward.

I have a dream. I will remain focused on that dream. Nothing can stop me now.


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