I’ve Landed

It seems like a long time coming and yet I am still surprised that I am here. I chose not to unpack the car today. I got some clothes, the important stuff out and sorted, my school books and of course the trusty computer and Mini Miu.



Miu has been a very good traveling companion. He has adapted better than I have the last week. He also has become my shadow, following me around like a puppy and hardly allowing me out of his sight. 

I started networking straight away and have plans of job hunting first thing tomorrow. I hope to unpack in the next few days, sort and really par down some more. There isn’t really a lot of room and I might need to let go of some more things. I have four boxes of books to begin with…

My motto during this life change has been “It will find it’s way back to me”. In the next week I will repeat this thousands of times as I let material objects go. I’ve given up so many things already… 

Well, short and sweet tonight. Don’t forget that October is National Domestic Violence Month. Please be aware of any violence being committed – physical is easy to spot most of the time, emotional and verbal not so much. I am a emotional abuse/ verbal abuse survivor. I have had to recognize triggers that easily slip me back into the victim role. A year later, after leaving that 20+ year relationship, I still struggle, but I am doing so much better.  Peace be with you.

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