Tarot Monday – AKA – it was a MONDAY!

If you have been following, you know I arrived at my temporary home (home IS where the heart is, right?) yesterday afternoon. My aunt reminds me that this neighborhood is not the greatest; the home across the street has been broken into several times, cars broken into, etc. — this is so different from the twilight zone mayberry town I left behind! Not only am I fighting a bad case of homesickness, I am struggling not to get all paranoid about the meager belongings I still have stored in my car! My precious material, sentimental objects that mean nothing at all to anyone but me.

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address



Tarot cards, in a way like my pendulum, bring me a sense of comfort.  When I moved my roommate gave me several decks of Tarot cards. The ones tonight that I am drawing from are those gifts.

The Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort

Three card spread:

Two of Swords Peace – moon in Libra. Repose, meditative spirit. Decisiveness in making choices. Closed yoga pose shows avoidance of communication and the need for inner balance. Make a balanced choice between two contradictory possibilities, by finding the answer within.


The Empress III – Linked with Venus. Associated with loving wisdom and mother earth. Feminine strength and devotion, yin energy, fertility, love for nature, service, abundance, and anima. The blue lotus symbolizes wisdom. The moon represents female cycles, instincts, emotions, dreams, imagination, creativity, and female principles. The Empress holds a crystal globe with a cross, reveling wholeness of the heart and spirit and examination of the inner and external world. Butterflies embody the transformation process. The pigeon is a prophetic bird that reminds us to listen to our inner guide. This air sign denotes awareness. The Hebrew character Dalet is the symbol of a door, and represents a passage.


Six of Swords – Science – Mercury in Aquarius. Curiosity, knowledge, or mental exploration. An objective and rational mind, purposeful. The cross of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn represents the ability to think analytically and consider all information.


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