Re- blogged -I’m Not A Dumpster! by Gotta Find a Home

I’m Not A Dumpster!.

“I may be a panhandler, but I’m not a dumpster.”


This quote from the above blog post from “Gotta Find a Home” blog page hit home for me. I have been blessed to have been in contact with so many people that live on the street or have one foot on the street in my life. My mom sometimes helped people that ended up in our yard traveling through town. Vague memories, but they must have happened. I worked retail a few years when I was a “stay at home mom”. Treating the homeless with respect is what people do – they are human and respect is a human characteristic. To give a homeless person a sandwich or food that you ate from is gross, both from the lady in this post and from my own opinion. It doesn’t take but just a second to halve the meal removing your section from the one you are giving away.

It reminded me of one instance where I saw a man outside of the grocery store, digging in the ashtray for cigarette butts long enough to get a couple drags off of. He was well know at the store and homeless. I took pity, whether that is a good thing or not to have is debatable, and bought him a pack of Tops tobacco. It was less than $2 and I must have had the extra money in my pocket to give away. To the horror of my co- workers, I handed him the pack of tobacco ( a universal homeless favorite because it is cheap) and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Again, right or wrong, whether you would or wouldn’t for your own reasons, I saw I needed to honor him. Treat him like I would like to be treated, help him like I would want to be helped.

Since childhood I learned a human is a human, homeless people are not dumpsters and respect for ones self and others go a long way.

Thank you Gotta Find a Home for your post today.


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