Never Forget

“Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

I wanted to start with this quote this morning because I see my fellow women friends in “real” life and in virtual outlets just doing a great injustice to their soul. I wrote about my own struggle last week, that little me that felt she wasn’t good enough, that she was flawed in some fashion, that the thoughts surrounding my imperfections made me feel ‘defected’ in some way. There is a saying “Love yourself first before you can love another” that use to drive me absolutely crazy, especially when I was in the “I’m defective” mind-set. There are all these self- help books out there that tell you to stand in front of a full length mirror naked and hug that little child inside. Forgive him/ her and move on. Sometimes though, when I am in the mist of something (for example a 20 year marriage) I tend to forget that I am my own friend. AND I do like this person! Sure I allowed layers and layers of some of the nastiest poo pile up around me and I have had to excavate carefully to unearth that person I am.


If I can impart this wisdom, since I feel I am so much better now, just be gentle on yourself as you transverse through the obstacles on your journey. I fancy life and it’s ups and downs like the Yin/Yang sign. Without the dark side you will never know the beauty of the light. Do your best during your struggles, and be gentle with yourself, that all any of us can do.

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