Personal Writing versus Professional Writing



I have been writing, but in drabs and spurts, mostly school related. I sit at my computer and stare blankly at the screen, chanting “write damn it!” I start, stop, read, walk away, come back to the computer and erase. Writing for a Cause, my M.O. for “professional” writing blog has been reduced to once a week, on odd days posts. I’m not writing on there consistently either. I suppose all writers go through a slump like this, however I can’t imagine that a professional writer, if they want to make any money at writing would allow this to happen! How am I going to make the leap from retail bakery clerk, to an independent money making proposal writer if I don’t write?

I know no one can write for me. I have to have the passion and drive to do it. At the same time I fashion that the passion filled writer has left the building. Student writer (and she is ready for a vacation!) is the only one left, but she is edging her way to the door as we speak, trying to leave the building too. Everything and anything is calling her away from her writing tasks. I believe it was only two weeks ago when I was on top of the world with my classes. I love how the three I am taking is moving me ever so closer to my degree, making me excited about my future. Even though I am forced to take online classes right now because I am staying with family in south Florida and my college is in Central Florida, I am looking towards the future with eagerness and awe. I am excited that my classes are reflecting the career path I want. I can’t wait to be a proposal writer — hummm…. maybe that is it. I have the “I can’t wait for Christmas” in the middle of July thought process going on. I can see the end, but feeling a bit weary of the journey.

I won’t beat myself up about this slump. In a mere three weeks my college classes will be done with and a four week Christmas break will commence. Perhaps with a few weeks off I will dive back into posting here and on Writing for a Cause.

Until then, know that I am well, in my writing hiatus, sitting in a hammock under the palm trees. 


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