Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones

I am currently living with family. A borrowed space in a temporary situation. I am grateful for this space and the love of my family, but if I could dream a bit, I would have just enough income to afford a small bungalow for me and my cat somewhere sandwiched between the mountains and the beach. At this point I am not being picky about the location, so either coast would do, maybe even a different country. The bungalow would have a white picket fence bordering the yard and a beautiful vegetable garden on one side and roses and day lilies in the yard. The bungalow would be about 1,000 sq feet give or take a few hundred. A small sun room on the front that has a day bed with a trundle for guests. A tiny eat in kitchen with just enough space for a solid table that seats 4. Just enough space for a few other people when they visit, but manageable enough for me into old age.


My bedroom could be up in a loft room or just down a short hall from the sun room. A small alcove off the bedroom will lend enough space for a desk and a comfy chair. Books will line the walls. There would be a detached garage that is separated by the back of the house by a dog trot, which allows a nice breeze into the kitchen and takes away the heat when the door and windows are open, but is a great place to store a chord of wood for a small wood burning stove in the sun room. A bench to sit on to take off muddy shoes from the garden before entering the house and a wash sink to tidy up as well. The bathroom has a claw foot tub. Yes, the bathroom has to be big enough for this luxury, yet a nice soak is always welcome several times a month, and I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a tub bath! The washer is out in the garage but that is ok. I will line dry the clothes either outside or in the garage depending on the weather. I won’t own a dryer. There is ample space for a workbench inside and just enough room for a car and a bicycle. A green house with a garden bench outside is attached to side of the garage, but near to the garden. There is a front  covered porch that is large enough for several chairs comfortably and has a large overhang to keep the rain water away from the person or people under the porch. There is also a small porch off the bedroom that is screened in for morning coffee and gazing at the sun rise without bugs involved.  The back yard is big enough for several fruit and nut bearing trees, but offers both sun and shady spots that are made private enough for exploration and contemplation. Perhaps a small water feature next to a short path that leads to a hidden sitting area and an out door brick bread/pizza oven/ fire pit station.

A home of my dreams. Not really keeping up with the Jones, I could really care less what they have as long as they are as happy about their living space as I would be with mine.

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