Good Health

ice cream hug

I have relatively good health. Better than most, worse than a few. At the mid point of years in ones very long life span I feel I am doing pretty good. I could do better, but those cookies and icecream or ( insert here)  the rainbow of many other evil things that I could and sometimes do eat seem to make their way into my home. In a year’s time I have nearly stopped drinking. Since being here I have taken fondly to consuming ice cream at night. I have to say one man’s addiction to chocolate and ice cream became mine by proxy. All those summer evenings sitting on his couch watching raunchy reality shows and eating expensive ice cream and organic chocolate.


Then there was a few bears that wandered into the town and that axed my morning runs, walks and anything that I did for free in my great outdoors. The fear of things that could get me out weighed the need to exercise. When I moved and pretty much got rid of everything I could not cram into my mini SUV, the yoga supplies that got me through the last ten years or so were shed. That probably wasn’t a good idea, but their existence in my daily visual range reminded me too much of the life I have totally left behind. Yoga at one time was a HUGE part of my life. I did try to keep this body toned and nimble in bed for a good part of the time I was a wife. That beloved exercise never occurred in the apartment I kept as a single lady.


I started this post at the beginning of November. I am finishing it at the beginning of December. I vowed last week to my aunt that I will not consume any more cookies or icecream. That means I no longer need the blog I created in November devoted only to icecream! So I will shed that today. I have been fearful of going out of the yard here. I was told too many horror stories of the city and the crime that seemed to be only around this neighborhood. I have gained about 5 pounds in 2 months of total inactivity and eating large quantities of cookies and icecream. I am back to exercising starting today. Maybe a walk? The YMCA is right down the street, maybe I qualify for a reduced rate. This area boasts hundreds of 5k walks for charities, I could do that.

Maybe… I will call it a day. It is an idea, a thought, better to enact after Christmas.

fit  boy-sweeping-dirt_~b13308


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