Daily Prompt: Five Items


Daily Prompt: Five Items

by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

1. A case of journal paper

2. A Costco size package of writing pens in 50 different colors

3. – 5. Books worthy of reading (3)  http://www.themidnightgarden.net/2013/08/august-favorites-deserted-island-books.html

Who needs anything else? I am assuming the island is in a warm tropical location so a blanket or layers of clothing is not needed, the island is pristine and my feet are rough and tough therefore shoes aren’t necessary, clean water is abundant, shelter is an easy fix and that the foods I forage naturally keep the mosquito population at bay. 


26 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Five Items

  1. Obviously you don’t live in tropical. Obviously as well, you do vacation in tropical.
    Well i live in tropical, and do vacation in cooler 4 season spaces.

    Anyway, deserted island?
    1. Fusion Power Cell. The one that guys in Lincoln Lab MIT work around with, or the on in Tony Stark’s chest will do.
    2. Satellite Dish. The one that up-link you straight with any satellite it pointed to.
    3. Satellite Phone
    4. A Platinum Mastercard
    5. A Computer. I’m suggesting Panasonic Toughbook or a Dell Alienware.

    What no food?

    power no 2 to 5 with no 1, connect to internet, ask every single DIY project, buy anything you need with the card!

    See? That’s why the classic question is so outdated in internet era. Btw, I was born in typewriter era and finish my undergrad using Brother typewriter. So think twice before accusing me as Generation Y.

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