Tarot: Sun and Moon Tarot Deck

I was given this deck by a friend. I like its simplistic style, human forms without facial features. I use the tarot about once a month for guidance through contemplation. My last post describes what life changing event I am contemplating. The booklet that came with the deck uses a 2 or 4 card draw. Draw two cards for insight, two more to get more from the meaning of the first two.

Card 1 – “What characteristics of this card do I recognize in myself or in my situation? How do these traits influence me?”

Card 2 – “What is missing? What does this reveal to help fill in the gaps?”

Card 3 – Connected with card 1; Allow this card guide you to recognize what outer obstacles or inner resistance may be hindering you in your journey.

Card 4 – Connected to card 2; Explore ways this card can remove obstacles or reconcile oppositional energy in order to reach the highest level of success.

The cards that were drawn in the position as numbered:

1. High Priestess – intuition, independence, silent introspection, The Gimmel, Female side of God- Source, Boaz and Jakin , providence.

2. Four of Pentacles: Power- Determination, strength, limitations, boundaries, avarice, greed, practical and concrete actions

3. Four of Wands: Completion- The four spokes on the wheel represent balance, structure and harmony in relationships. The completion of a life phase or cycle positions me towards a new beginning.

4. Five of Cups: Disappointment- Depression, Loss of Hope , letting go of old emotional problems in order to experience transformation.

My story in a nutshell: I left my family home and an emotionally and verbally abusive 20 year marriage, in January. My adult children live with him in the family home. I was able to live independently for eight months and up until the 8th month never asked him for financial help. Now forced to move in with family, for which I am ever so grateful and will be indebted to for life, I am going through a divorce having to fight him for my share of the assets. The cards I drew are to give me guidance about the direction I ought to go in 2014.

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