Daily Prompt: 15 Minutes

The Big Moment – In 15 Minutes


The Mother of all moments

Time stopped

15 minutes went by

Too many words spoken

Mouths twisted in anger

“Leave ME ALONE!” I shout

“You ARE CRAZY!” You shout back

“Get OUT! I’m done with YOU!”, you add

I take your word for it

15 minutes and 20 years gone

You gave up, thinking life is better

Without me

Now our fight is up to the lawyers

We hired to defend our rights

Like a pair of boxing gloves

Fighting for the same thing

Hitting each other like charging bulls

15 minutes, a lifetime ago

A year without you and I still struggle

Triggers, I shadowbox, the emotional and verbal hits I took

Are now like scars that prevent forward movement

Some days

15 minutes; the catalyst

I decided I was through with you too

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