Daily Prompt: Learning Style

As a writer:

I am a visual learner. I have to see or experience something in order to write about it. Most of my writing deals with the feelings stirred under the six or so human senses. I like to be able to write a description of how I feel or how I perceive others may feel through adjectives and analogies. 

That leads into also being a kinetic learner. I have to take action once I see something being done. Does that mean if I see you jump off the bridge before us, I too will jump? Nope. Nada. On the other hand if I see you decorate something, use five ingredients to make a meal in 20 minutes, yes I will have to try to do the same.

Thirdly, I am an audio learner. I hear things most do not and make references to those sounds that perhaps others just don’t pick up on. I have been living with my aunt and uncle for two months now. His health is declining. He is on the very active side of dying. Subtle changes in everyday activities alert me now, since I spend a lot of time with him, alone in their home. I am in ‘my’ room, he is in his, we both pop out every once in a while for a good portion of the day to see how the other is doing. So most of my interaction with him on a daily basis stems from the noises he makes. I’ve done this for years though, maybe my entire life. Maybe it is tied to my strong sense of intuitive nature.

Finally, I am a life long learner. I can not seem to ever want to stop learning something every single day. I like that life has so many facets, like a diamond surface or a fly’s eye. My morning ritual is to spend an hour or more with several books and a journal, going from Facebook to WordPress to e-mail and back through it again and again until work. I ponder, I write, I LoVe my college classes! Anything and everything that can and does stimulate my mind, changes my perception and allows me to see a number of ways a situation can be observed. 

I love feeling alive and using my learning styles allows me to feel the depth and breath of being a soul learning to maneuver in our humanistic society.

BTW, my soul is a *little* sarcastic when observing this humanistic behavior below. How I learn in my hobbit hole of a room  here is not how I interact and learn from others socially. I am quite the listener and observer and if I ever do buy a Smartphone it will mostly be used for occasional texts and calls and the sporadic use of a GPS service, but to leave a tangible book unattended for Facebook or a conversation interrupted by a e-mail, for-get-a-bout it! This is something my human will not do in a social environment! 




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