Positive Steps in 2014 – January – 1st of 12 Posts



“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins quotes from BrainyQuote.com


What a difference a day can make in thinking a little differently. I could discount this new outlook, but instead, I will write about it and cement it in stone. Perhaps in days, weeks and months to come when gloom and doom hit me hard (like yesterday) I can look back on this new way of thinking, the habits that are being created from it and lean on that strength. My WordPress cohort and daily inspiration, Matt from the blog http://mustbethistalltoride.com/ gave me an opportunity to really think beyond my post yesterday with his post http://mustbethistalltoride.com/2014/01/14/the-catch-22/ . In the last 6 months or so I have not been writing, per se’. I have been prompted to write with WordPress’s Daily Prompts, but I have not really written by inspiration. So when I titled my post yesterday, that is what it reflected; my dried up inspiration to write from my thoughts. To write something that comes from me other than the situation I am in. I have written I am not my past (mistakes), they do not define the unique person I am. I do have thoughts, ideas and opinions, of course I can and should write about them instead of moaning that I have nothing to write about. I somehow have to draw the line from the emotions I feel daily to the ones that are also there buried. I need to unbury them.

On to the positive steps I plan to implement in 2014:

1. Walk, run and meditate everyday (currently making it a habit)


It doesn’t get any better than this!

2.  Write something from my heart everyday, not prompted

3. Excel in my college classes, implore opportunities that inspire academic and career growth

4. Eat well. Maintain a 75% vegetarian diet.

5. Read one book a month no matter how busy life gets

6. Join local meetup groups. If I am not moving back to Daytona -Orlando until July 2014 (my goal)  there is no reason I need to be a hermit. 

7. Maintain a gratitude log once a week – I can do it, yes I can!



8. Set aside 10 % of my net pay each week for mad money before paying bills. I am worth it.

9. Be accountable. Plan with the SMART goals in mind. Post accomplishments. Be proud of them.

10. Devise a budget and stick to it. Read Suze Orman and learn ways to live within my means and pay down debt

11. Communicate more with friends and family

12. Remember, it is my job to set an example to others. If I want to make this one life enjoyable, it is up to me to make it happen. No more negative self talk, negative thinking and indecisive behavior.  


2 thoughts on “Positive Steps in 2014 – January – 1st of 12 Posts

  1. Thank you for saying I inspire you.

    That means a lot to me. I’m happy you found me. I’m happy you’re writing. And I’m happy you’re on a self-improvement journey like me.

    Yes, you are worth it.

    Just please don’t make it a chore. Our time on this beautiful planet is entirely too short to have every day be a task list.

    Play. Live. Feel. Smile. Laugh. Be thankful. Then, play some more.

    I appreciate you. And your kindness. And your spirit.

    • Thank you Matt for your kind reply. The things on this list are doable. I’ve done them before and I need to do them or at least try to do them everyday. Of course there are going to be days where time is not on my side, a hurricane prevents me from getting to the park, etc. and when those days occur I will be gentle with myself. I won’t sweat the small stuff. I appreciate you as well. I look forward to your daily posts. They too are part of my day and I thank you for continuing to inspire others.

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