Learning to Love the Single Life

I haven’t written in a while. I could tell you I’ve been busy, and I have. But not that busy. I spend hours mindlessly on facebook alone. I am an addict. Looking back to last year at this time, I am doing much better today. Last year I was still heavily self medicating with my beloved; wine. Last year in February, I was just a month into living life large as a single woman. Oh boy, did I hate that life! I was lonely in the marital home and really craved a change, but didn’t expect this.

I enjoyed today though. I was ok about being alone and not attached to anyone. Sure, I wanted someone to share the experience I was having, but I didn’t miss it as much as I thought. I guess I’ve grown into living the single life. Today I joined Toastmaster’s International. I would urge you to go to a couple of meetings. The first three are free. If you don’t like the group, go to another one and the first three are free! I found a great group on my first try. Toastmaster’s, if you aren’t sure about their mission, is a public speaking group. Once you join (very low, about $100 a year) you work on 8-10 speeches in a year’s time. You have a booklet to work from that gives you tips and prompts. I am very excited about being a member. Learning how to speak comfortably in front of a group of people will help my future career and my confidence all the way around.

I drove to Indian Rocks Beach, which was about a 45 minute drive from the Toastmaster meeting in sometimes heavy traffic. Today was blustery and overcast and the construction disease seems to have impregnated every passable road! I had a destination in mind, Cafe de Paris. A little hole- in- the -wall of condos that line the beach, cafe. I thought to myself, I should have packed the camera. I have a cell phone, like every human being between 2 and 100 years old has, but it lacks the ability ( I haven’t bought the cable) to post pictures from the phone to the computer. So, I did snap a few pictures from my phone but don’t have a way to post them yet. I ordered a baguette to go first. To some of you that might seem strange, yet I wanted a baguette for dinner and couldn’t wait until after I ate lunch to have one in my hands! I ordered a buckwheat crepe stuffed with prosciutto and sun dried tomatoes, a cup of French Onion soup and a cafe de Paris special coffee, which was an espresso  with fresh whipped cream on top. I enjoyed every little bite, slurp and sip. Since it was the mark of my first official date with myself, I treated myself to two flourless chocolate cake slices, two creme brulees and four biscotti cookies, two each of chocolate chip and sesame.  After lunch and dropping off the goodies in my car, I walked a bit on the beach.

It was a cold, dreary day, for a Floridian at least . The beach was surprisingly busy to me. The water was a bit rough considering it is the gulf side where waves barley cross a crabs knees. I made you laugh, didn’t I? I gathered up three choice shells for a gift. Not really shells, one happened to be a sea worm casing and the other a piece of white coral. Every Florida beach is different and unique in its own way. On this day the waves made sea foam which reminded me of a childhood story about mermaids. I didn’t take off my shoes nor did I put my hands in the water this day. I usually must do both anytime I visit a beach.

All in all, it was a good first date for me, myself and I. It was a good turning point in acknowledging a tangible embrace to being single and liking it.

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