Paleo Lifestyle Choice

I’m taking control (although we really don’t have control) of the way I feel I need to live life. I love to eat… who doesn’t? Now that I am only cooking and feeding myself I have to be a little inventive. I also believe at 46 years old. I need to start taking better care of my body and listen to my intuition. I have decided that giving up a meat based diet is not for me. I enjoy eating meat. I love to garden. It has been a good part of my life either in the garden or seeking locally grown foods for the last 8 or so years. I love fresh picked produce and dirt under my nails. These are some of my passions, and over the course of going through the divorce, I pushed them to the back burner.

I am loving physical exercise. I mostly run, but this week, after not exercising for more than a month, I decided that I will also add in push ups, pull ups and crunches. Today I barely got my feet off the ground attempting to do one pull up. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Neither will this ninja warrior body. I aspire to be one tenth as strong as Kacy Catanzaro.

Today’s breakfast wasn’t exactly Paleo. I had some yogurt that I needed to eat up ( I only planned on making changes this week and can’t see giving away much of what I bought last), so I had a bowl of yogurt with a crunchy oat bar and kiwi fruit. Eating Paleo makes some meals smaller and others followed closely behind by another. This light breakfast will be followed closely behind another meal soon. In fact I believe I will grab a carrot right now! 🙂

Tomorrow’s breakfast may be this recipe below:





To get a better idea of what you should stick with when eating Paleo, this blog page is one of hundreds out there to refer to. Happy days through exercise and eating healthier! Life is Good!


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