It’s my 2nd year Anniversary on WordPress!


YAH! Happy day! I’ve been here 2 years now!

Tomorrow I am not going to exercise, that is taking a rest day to go to the laundromat first thing instead. By the time I get home, the Florida inferno will have commenced, and although I am enjoying the heat while exercising, that might be too much.

I have eaten Paleo for about four days now. Maybe it is my imagination, but I do feel better all around. My energy level seems higher. My scalp eczema has eased off considerably, which I find a bit amusing. I’ve had eczema since the age of three or four around my ears and at the base of my scalp. I’ve given up bread before, but not all wheat based products. Is this the lifestyle eating habit of my dreams? It is too early to tell. 

At the doctor’s office yesterday I was weighed. I am at 140.4 pounds. A few weeks ago I was at 145 pounds on the grocery store scale. I will weigh myself again at the end of this month for comparison. I have moved to another city and changed my eating habits quite a bit in the last few weeks, so that five pound drop could be from both situations. Still it will be good to see what occurs in the next three weeks on the scale. 

Here is what the BMI Calculator came up with when I plugged in my information:

My BMI is 24, which is considered in the healthy range

My Belly fat waist to Height ratio is 50, which is considered overweight.

My healthy weight is between 108 – 145 pounds.

I need to eat 1455 calories a day. Since the meats I am eating are fish, chicken or turkey, I feel this goal is doable with the fruits and vegetables I am consuming.

My goal of letting go of 15 pounds means I need to eat 1580 calories a day and release 125 calories everyday in order to maintain the daily goal of 1455 calories. WebMD says doing laundry, shopping and walking count as fitness to to be sure to count them in as well.

Humm. Well, I might use My Fitness Pal to monitor my calorie intake each day vs. my daily exercises for a week or two. Just to get a feel of where I need to be to lose one pound a week. That means by November I should be at my target weight of 125 pounds! Oh, YEAH BABY!

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