As a newly single person with no desire to make a solid relationship commitment at this time, I need to find other means to keep myself from going ape shit crazy. I desire contact with others; yet, need to find balance with the solitude that I also need to have daily in my life. I need a social life that is here and provides at least three interactions weekly with a group of people. This way I can be involved within the group, maybe even to the point of taking on a official role which binds me to a commitment. 

One thing I am doing currently is exercising daily (solo) for an hour in the morning. I established this routine over a year ago. It is easy to commit to since I work nights and generally can keep the early morning free of commitments. If I join a group, they would have to meet mid morning. This will change if I get the 8am -4pm position in the next city, about a 30 minute drive each way. Still, I will be earning more money and could afford a gym membership that is on the way, either before or after work.

This week, my part time position is only giving me 15 hours of work. The new position I’ve applied for will be giving me 40 hours a week. All I need to do is pass a background check this week and I believe that being the final hurdle, I’ll be working full time by September. It is today (and yesterday) and tomorrow, that has me climbing the walls. Four days off this week with a schedule that has me not going into work until 5pm on the three remaining days. I’ve got too much time on my hands!

Maybe this is what retirement feels like. If so, I had better be solvent with money to readily do things and not have to calculate every expenditure when I retire, otherwise I think I will pass on that luxury! An idle mind and body are a thing to waste when there is little to do that interests the soul.

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