Cod with Vegetables

2014-08-13 12.51.50


Cod with Vegetables – 1-2 servings depending on sides

1/2 pound cod (mine is fresh, well worth the expense)

1 tsp. capers

fresh tomato, cucumber, and lemon; sliced thin 6-8 each

1 tbsp. soy mayo. or veganaise

1 tbsp. chopped cucumber to add to mayo

1 tsp. lemon or lime juice to add to mayo

Salt and pepper to taste

Place the layers of vegi’s on the bottom of a heated and oil oiled pan. Place cod on top of vegi’s. Smear mayo mixture on top of cod. Layer top of cod with the remaining vegi’s. Add capers and salt/pepper to taste. Cook cod for about five minutes without a lid, then another remaining five minutes with the lid, basically steaming fish. If you have parchment paper and can use a small oven (too hot here to use the oven during the summer!) then you get the same outcome. Moist, flaky fish.

Enjoy! Life is good!



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