Computer Addiction?

I do not own or have owned a Smartphone. They look like fun, yet I am just not ready to make that leap.

I do not own or plan to own a TV. “That is great”, some would surmise, “I wish I could do it” others might moan.

“What do you do at home then?” Read. On the computer. Socialize with friends in distant places. On the computer. Look up things of interest, attend online college courses, and spend hours on Facebook.

I do get out; I’m not a hermit or a recluse. Yet I am addicted to this laptop in ways that mimic an alcohol addiction. I am a recovering self- proclaimed alcoholic. I know the addiction.

I am not working right now, so the last two weeks with the Florida inferno cranked up high, I have been spending less time outdoors and more time at the computer.

Thankfully, next week, I start a full time job. In another town that requires a half hour drive or better there and back. My two college courses will take up most of my ‘free’ computer time once that job starts, so honestly, I can’t spend too much time obsessing about this obsession.

Tonight, as I twiddle my thumbs, I am addicted to my computer.

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