Day 1: July 2nd, Thursday; 3 Day Juice Feast Begins


Provided by Roots Raw Juice Bar – Sanford, FL

Day 1, Thursday –

I started the day by getting up at 5am. I was doing this regularly when I worked in order to study or do an assignment for school before the work day started. I had a warm tea with lemon slices, ginger slices, tulsi basil leaves, and honey. I drank about 3-4 16 oz. of water also from 5am- 10am, mainly because I have made it a habit to exercise early in the morning as well. I couldn’t do this when I worked, but now usually I am out the door or in a yoga pose by 7am.

I have been trying to do 30 minutes of yoga (love Youtube) a day during my ‘staycation’. I also walk/run a 3 mile route each day. When I worked, doing both of these things had to wait after work and if nothing was planned in the evening. Commuting and an early start time made a morning exercise routine with school work as well in the mix, hard to accomplish.

I picked up my juice around 10:30am on Thursday, and by that time I was STARVING. I had a vegetarian meal at 2:30pm on Wednesday, so I essentially went 20 hours without solid food, when I had my first juice. Since I had started the juice feast later in the day, I was a bit clumsy with how to space out the juices. By 3pm Thursday I was feeling quite tired and just plain icky. I took a nap around 4pm and felt better. As the evening progressed I felt I had too much juice to finish and didn’t drink the last one until 9:30pm at night.

Overall, the first day wasn’t too bad. I was hungry a lot of the time. I did things to distract that feeling like start this WordPress journal, I spent several hours completing a course assignment, and did an hour of editing for a friend. I tried to spread the juices out to the 2.5 hour a part mark, as suggested. This is doable only if plenty of water is consumed in between juices and a ‘cheat’ with herbal tea, is done around mid-day. My weakest point came around 3pm, when I felt my physical worst. Taking a friend’s advise and resting when I needed to came at the right time.

Physically, I feel my stomach has reduced, my pants that I put on last week and barely buttoned, now feel like they have room around my waist. I noticed this during the evening Thursday. I am writing this on Friday morning. I feel I can add that I didn’t wake up starving at first, (that feeling hit me within a half hour after awaking) however, I did have a monster headache when I woke. By the time I got up and moved around, and before I had finished my first juice at 6:30am, the headache went away. I think 8 hours with nothing at all had my body reacting unkindly. Still, a headache isn’t something to complain about when it passes within the first 30 minutes of waking.

So far so good! I am so happy I decided to do this fast for myself. My body and mind thank me tenfold.

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