Day 2: July 3rd – Friday – Juice Feast


I have nearly made it through another day of a juice fast. Knowing that I haven’t wanted to eat but do crave food, makes me want to continue. It’s a challenge!  After my yoga and run this morning I felt tired and not well. This developed shortly after showering; I wondered if my body was in the process of clearing out toxins. I have had several symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, body aches and pains, white coated tongue, and some emotional disturbances, although the emotions are under control. I have been using the Hooponopono prayer/mantra when negative emotions or thoughts come up, especially when I am running.

I have had a love/hate relationship with running. I found through life it is the cheapest way to get fit. The major expense could be the shoes, but if you run as little as I do after I buy them, then they could last a year. I have done the Couch to 5K program over a dozen times since my 20’s because I allow 6 months or better to pass after reaching the 5k, to run again. Today was the first time I tried to think loving thoughts to my body as I ran. I tried not to judge the distance or the performance, but understand that I let nearly a year pass since the last time I tried the Couch to 5k. The mantra is this: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

You may wonder why I would chose to say this mentally and verbally to my body. I have allowed bad habits, negative emotions, and many other excuses along the way to this point in my life NOT to be fit. I felt I had to say this to my physical self for abusing it the way I have throughout the years. It has been mentally cleansing to embrace this mantra and apply it to the negative self- talk or thoughts I have had today.

I’ve talked about how I woke up this morning with a massive headache. I am glad that it passed during the first juice consumption and hour that I was up out of bed. As the morning went on I cleaned and filed papers that littered my desk for months on end. I visited a friend for less than 30 minutes, took a nap, and had my third juice of the day by 12:30pm. I clicked on a e-mail web link that crashed my Google Chrome, so that in itself took several hours to remedy. I will miss Google Chrome, but this is the second time it has crashed on me this year, and less than 3 months time. I will probably upload it again in a few months, but now I will stick with Windows Explorer. I went for a deep tissue massage at 1pm for one hour. I met a business owner from Orange City at the Sanford Chamber Business meeting on Wednesday. She is a massage therapist and owns Nuwati Bodywork ; I went in today with a lot of muscle pain, especially in my neck and shoulders. I believe a lot of the pain is coming from detox, and maybe from working my body physically as much as I have been.

I didn’t feel well after the deep tissue massage, but I expected that. I came home, worked on the computer until most of my go- to pages were seen on Explorer, and then laid down for 30 minutes. I don’t believe I slept, but rested. To end, day two was about the same as day one, but slightly easier to get through. I’m going to enjoy a bath, then off to an early bed.

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